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Jeff Francoeur Gets It


Friday, May 4, 2012 by

I once had a guy tell me that I shouldn’t use “we” when talking about my favorite baseball team, The Boston Red Sox. I couldn’t wrap my head around his logic. As an active fan I think I do a lot to help the organization. If it wasn’t for fans there would be no one to buy the jerseys, the tickets, the MLB packages, etc. Without the fans there would be no professional teams and therefore no professional players. Let’s face it, the reason you don’t see professional tree-top swashbuckling is because it has no fans (probably because it doesn’t exist but you get my point). So that being said, it’s really nice when a professional athlete acknowledges your fan-hood in public.

Jeff Francoeur gets it.

On Wednesday afternoon, April 11th, the Kansas City Royals were playing at Oakland. Francoeur had 20 pizzas delivered to fans sitting in the right-field grand stand at the Oakland Coliseum. Accompanying the pizzas was a signed bat and personal message to those fans. The message I don’t know but I’m sure you can imagine.

Last night at Kauffman Stadium, Francoeur walked over to the right-field section known as The Frenchy Quarter and struck up a conversation with the fans. It was Frenchy Quarter Thursday and each fan in the section got a drink coupon and a t-shirt with their ticket. Leave it to Jeff to enhance the deal by tossing them an autographed ball with a $100 bill attached and a note that read “buy some beers on me”.

Here is the fan reaction:

I say again…Jeff Francoeur gets it.

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