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Horrendous Opening Day 2012


Friday, March 30, 2012 by

I have an idea. Lets take a sport, that loses fans to the NFL every year, over to Japan for the start of the season. Yeah, you heard me right. Think of all of the benefits. First, no one in the United States of America will watch (exactly what we want). Second, the "national pastime" will be held in another nation. What could be cooler than that?!

But seriously, if you happened to miss it (which you did), the MLB season kicked off with the Seattle Mariners beating the Oakland Athletics 3-1 in 11 innings on Wednesday afternoon (or very early morning if you are in the United States) in Tokyo, Japan. From what people have said it was a pretty good game. I wouldn't know. I was asleep. What exactly is the purpose of having opening day in Japan? What was being accomplished? Some could argue that it allows Japanese fans the ability to become more excited about American baseball, but that argument would be wrong. The MLB is already huge in Japan! Remember when Dice-K had his debut? There were more Asian photo/journalists at the game then any other. The same is going to happen for Yu Darvish this year. Asian baseball players playing in the MLB are basically rock stars.

I get it. They are trying to expand the game into a global market, but not opening day. That is not the time to do it. We have a hard enough time trying to get our own fans to watch.

I just needed to vent. Thanks.

Tebow Hates Profanity. Rex Ryan Bathes In It.


Thursday, March 22, 2012 by

Unless you have been living in the jungle ( like this guy ) you have undoubtedly heard that Tim Tebow is now a New York Jet. In an apparent attempt to somehow get their name in lights, rather than improve their team, they have taken on the same mentality that they had when they introduced Brett Favre as their QB. A mentality that resembles that of Annie Wilkes.

Even the team that drafted Tebow in the 1st round made it their mission to get him the hell out of Dodge so what plan could Rex and Tannenbaum possibly have for Tebow? If it's to use him in a wildcat offense scenario they have obviously not noticed its failure rate in the NFL. If they don’t use the wildcat then who backs up who? Does the QB with the most turnovers in 2011 start, or the QB that was second to last in Total Quarter Back Rating start? One would think that the Jets would want to build around Sanchez (considering the contract he just signed) and allow a veteran QB help him along the way. The Jets went 8-8 in 2011 and proved that they need a massive amount of help on both sides of the ball. I am not sure how adding Tebow to the roster aides in the improvement of their team.

And lets not forget about the effect that this could have on their current QB's psyche. How does the “Sanchize” feel about this move? Looks like a slap in the face that screams lack of confidence to me. There is only one thing that the Jets could do here to keep Sanchez's head on straight and that’s to place a “TE” in the Position column next to Tebow’s name. But we know that won’t happen.

...and for pure comedic value I give you this: The back page of the New York Sporting News

Stay tuned. This should be good.

2011 Best Animated Sports GIFs


Wednesday, March 14, 2012 by

Purely for entertainment I have listed my 10 favorite GIFs from 2011. They are in no particular order although I would have to say the Barajas celebration is probably my favorite. Do you have any favorites? Post them in the comments. Do it now or Jesus will kill a kitten.

Barajas’ Dugout Celebration:

Sam Montgomery Hugs Ref:

Nick Swisher Somersault:

Delonte West Dunk Attempt:

Marchand Casually Punching Sedin:

I Hate Backpacks!

This Bottle is Broken:

Blount Goes Beastmode

 Oooohhh Shane:

2012 World Series Possibilities


Monday, March 5, 2012 by

How many teams out there have a legitimate chance at going to the World Series this season? Let’s take a gander.  I will skip the usual AL East answers because I am sure everyone is tired of hearing those names.  Everyone but me. Go Sox! Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

AL Central: Detroit is really the only serious contender here with the obvious addition of Prince Fielder that basically puts the finishing touches on an already massive lineup. And let’s not forget that they have the best pitcher in baseball in Verlander.

AL West: I think that the Angels take the division with the help of Albert’s bat but the Rangers will be very close behind. Just have to keep Hambone off the sauce and healthy.

NL East:  Essentially everyone but the founding member, Mets.  They are a financial mess and now that a federal judge has refused to dismiss the lawsuit and has set a trial date it is only going to get worse. Club houses get very somber when things like this occur and it is going to drastically affect the morale of every player, manager, and coach.  I like the Marlins to pull away at the end.

NL Central:  The Cardinals are so strong throughout their entire roster that it would be very hard to bet against them.  Even with the loss of Pujols (which in my mind was a great move) they still stand to dominate the division with only the Reds giving them any real trouble.

NL West:  I know what you’re thinking. The Giants! The Giants! No. Stop it. The only good thing to happen to the Giants in the off season was getting Posey back who apparently has been ordered to avoid contact at all costs at the plate. And get off the Lincecum band wagon. He is one crazy throw away from Tommy John.  For me it’s the Diamondbacks.  After last season’s impressive run how could you not like them?

So that’s it. Feel free to rip this to shreds. 

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