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Tebow Hates Profanity. Rex Ryan Bathes In It.


Thursday, March 22, 2012 by

Unless you have been living in the jungle ( like this guy ) you have undoubtedly heard that Tim Tebow is now a New York Jet. In an apparent attempt to somehow get their name in lights, rather than improve their team, they have taken on the same mentality that they had when they introduced Brett Favre as their QB. A mentality that resembles that of Annie Wilkes.

Even the team that drafted Tebow in the 1st round made it their mission to get him the hell out of Dodge so what plan could Rex and Tannenbaum possibly have for Tebow? If it's to use him in a wildcat offense scenario they have obviously not noticed its failure rate in the NFL. If they don’t use the wildcat then who backs up who? Does the QB with the most turnovers in 2011 start, or the QB that was second to last in Total Quarter Back Rating start? One would think that the Jets would want to build around Sanchez (considering the contract he just signed) and allow a veteran QB help him along the way. The Jets went 8-8 in 2011 and proved that they need a massive amount of help on both sides of the ball. I am not sure how adding Tebow to the roster aides in the improvement of their team.

And lets not forget about the effect that this could have on their current QB's psyche. How does the “Sanchize” feel about this move? Looks like a slap in the face that screams lack of confidence to me. There is only one thing that the Jets could do here to keep Sanchez's head on straight and that’s to place a “TE” in the Position column next to Tebow’s name. But we know that won’t happen.

...and for pure comedic value I give you this: The back page of the New York Sporting News

Stay tuned. This should be good.

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