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2012 World Series Possibilities


Monday, March 5, 2012 by

How many teams out there have a legitimate chance at going to the World Series this season? Let’s take a gander.  I will skip the usual AL East answers because I am sure everyone is tired of hearing those names.  Everyone but me. Go Sox! Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

AL Central: Detroit is really the only serious contender here with the obvious addition of Prince Fielder that basically puts the finishing touches on an already massive lineup. And let’s not forget that they have the best pitcher in baseball in Verlander.

AL West: I think that the Angels take the division with the help of Albert’s bat but the Rangers will be very close behind. Just have to keep Hambone off the sauce and healthy.

NL East:  Essentially everyone but the founding member, Mets.  They are a financial mess and now that a federal judge has refused to dismiss the lawsuit and has set a trial date it is only going to get worse. Club houses get very somber when things like this occur and it is going to drastically affect the morale of every player, manager, and coach.  I like the Marlins to pull away at the end.

NL Central:  The Cardinals are so strong throughout their entire roster that it would be very hard to bet against them.  Even with the loss of Pujols (which in my mind was a great move) they still stand to dominate the division with only the Reds giving them any real trouble.

NL West:  I know what you’re thinking. The Giants! The Giants! No. Stop it. The only good thing to happen to the Giants in the off season was getting Posey back who apparently has been ordered to avoid contact at all costs at the plate. And get off the Lincecum band wagon. He is one crazy throw away from Tommy John.  For me it’s the Diamondbacks.  After last season’s impressive run how could you not like them?

So that’s it. Feel free to rip this to shreds. 


  1. AL Central:Detroit, I agree
    AL East: Jays or Rays (like that?)
    AL West: Angels
    NL Central: Brewers
    NL East: (a stretch) Braves
    NL West: C'mon, the Padres!!

  2. Jay - Sox are taking the East. I have faith. And your Pads couldn't win the NL West if MLB removed every team north of San Diego.

  3. everyone is a contender to win the world series in the NL East? hmmmmm.

    1. Contender to GO to the WS. Not win it. The Braves, Marlins, and Phillies for sure are capable of going and the Nationals have been graded pretty well in the off season and during Spring Training.

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