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I Hate LeBron James


Wednesday, June 13, 2012 by

LeBron must be accustomed by now to these kinds of remarks. Most of America's sports world is feverishly rooting for the Miami Heat to fall to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Proof that America has turned against him is found everywhere. I googled 'hate LeBron James' and in 0.38 seconds I received 11,600,000 results.

I personally hate him because he personifies, to me, everything that sucks about sports athletes today in America. I turned against him when he presided over that revolting exhibition of ego, in which he appeared on “The Decision,” ESPN’s horrendous prime-time show, to announce that he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to take his "talents to South Beach.” (p.s. South Beach is very small portion of Miami)

Yes, LeBron worked his ass off during his years in Cleveland. And he earned the right to play basketball where he wants. And I don’t condemn him for helping to create the Big 3 — James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh — in Miami ... er, South Beach. But He needs a serious lesson in modesty. He almost acts as if we owe him personal respect because he's good. Too many great players have came before him. Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and the other players who helped to establish the NBA 20 or more years ago showed an unbelievable respect for the game and for the fans. The respect that they showed for basketball is the reason that fans had, and still have today, the utmost respect for them as players and men. James exploited his decision to leave Cleveland in an effort to keep the attention focused on himself. He put himself and his fame before the sport.

We will see which team prevails in the NBA finals, and maybe it will in fact be the Heat (after all weren't they supposed to win it all last year?) But history shows us that closers win championships. Great closers are the key to big stage wins. LeBron is no closer.

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