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Here Are Your 2012 MLB Winners


Wednesday, April 4, 2012 by

Here are the winners of 2012 (aka who will play in October).

N.L. East Champion - Philadelphia Phillies (Depth of their roster guarantees this).

N.L. Central Champion – St. Louis Cardinals (This is a tough one but I think the Cards beat out the Reds).

N.L. West Champion - Arizona Diamondbacks (Thay have a very young, strong core kind of like my abs).

N.L. Wild Card No. 1 - San Francisco Giants (The return of Buster Posey should give the Giants some offense. Of course this could change depending on how many times he gets rocked at home plate).

N.L. Wild Card No. 2 - Washington Nationals (Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper lead the Nationals to their first playoff game, and Strasburg and I peed together once).

A.L. East Champion – Boston Red Sox (Their bats will prove too strong for pitchers and with 3 – 2011 Gold Glove winners their defense will dominate as well).

A.L. Central Champion - Detroit Tigers (The Tigers roar with the addition of Prince Fielder and breeze through the Central).

A.L. West Champion - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Albert Pujols gets them past the Rangers).

A.L. Wild Card No. 1 - New York Yankees (Sorry Tamp Bay, The Yankees are better than you as much as that pains me to say).

A.L. Wild Card No. 2 - Texas Rangers (The Angels and Rangers will go back and forth all season and in the end they both will make the playoffs).


  1. I don't agree with San Francisco as the NL Wild Card (for obvious reasons). I will agree that Arizona, if they play like they did last season, could take the NL West. In regards to a playoff spot, I'm cautiously optimistic with my Padres.

    The Yankee veterans are showing their age and I don't think they'll have enough gas in the tank to make a strong push for the postseason. I'll stick with the Rays or Jays due to their youthful talent pool.

    Other than that, this post is is the shizznit!

  2. The Jays do look strong but i'm not sure they have enough to get it down the stretch.


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